Dilapidated Old Farm

I snuck onto an old abandoned farm a couple days ago. These are the resulting pictures, I did an HDR effect on them using Lightroom.


Beautiful Girl

These photos were taken in a studio, the top photos I played with split toning in photoshop. I like the effect it made: moody and dark.



I've been playing with bay windows. the light coming in from all sides surrounds the person and creates an ethereal feel that captivates me

Portrait of Ali

testing out new photoshop techniques


Portrait of Betsy. Betsy's love of Scotland lead us to driving all over the countryside on a stormy afternoon. It was wonderful. The landscapes are so sweeping and the architecture ranged from quaint churches to ominous nuclear power plants.


Portrait of Alyssa

For this portrait I had Alyssa stand in a bay window so soft sunlight was hitting her from all sides-it was a cloudy day. Asking an 8-year-old to be serious can yield interesting results