These clips are random moments from different days in my life. I shot them all using my iPhone and edited them together on my phone using an app called Reel Director. This was just a test, there's no specific point to the video except that they're all moments that I enjoyed enough to record. It's pretty rad that I can make something on my phone like this.


Kayla Price, 20, of Denver, gets her start earning a spot representing Denver and the Mercury Cafe in Women of the World Poetry Slam, a national competition. She placed 42nd out of 72 competitors. Not bad for someone just starting out. She's got a lot of heart.

Every once in a while I try out writing scripts. Here's an attempt. I believe it came out alright. Although towards the end of the video the volume on my voice is way too loud.


Market Street Station, Denver. iPhone street photo. Theme of the day: red.


“My kids were a big factor of me going to the war. On the one hand, how can you leave your kids, if something happens to you who takes care of them?” Tim said. “That was a real important decision for me to make. I don’t just want to tell my kids what’s important, I want to show them,” Tim Kenney said.

Kenney joined the army at age 42 and volunteered for a combat tour in Afghanistan in 2010. Now age 45, he's working hard to reassemble his life back home in Montrose, CO.
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At this point I blog so irregularly that I'm mostly doing this for myself. My plan from tonight on is to post each video I make and write at least one thing that I learned from the experience, something I can hopefully remember and improve upon in my next attempt.

Take away from this video: Even when shooting projects one must remember to shoot/think in sequences and to get details. Makes editing way easier.