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Cowboy at Cowtown Rodeo

 Steer wrestler Junior Allo is a regular at Cowtown Rodeo, in Pilesgrove, NJ competing weekly through the summer for the past 29 years. The father of two is planning to retire after this season. His wife and sons, five and seven-years old, will be cheering him on as he competes for a regional title. These photographs were taken for the Star-Ledger and are copyrighted to the Star-Ledger


Portrait of Eva

I was playing in photoshop late late and night- who needs sleep anyway. I just read an article by Lindsay Adler on Apogee Photo Magazine about some ways to play in photoshop to make your photos look old-school as if you had combined two slides in the dark room. It was very fun and very easy to do! Here is my creation:



Aj made a video of our raccoon experience on sandyhook with his video and my stills. its pretty sweet!

Raccoon Babies from AJ Chavar on Vimeo.

Found these baby raccoons on Sandy Hook when I went to photograph birds.

St. Petersburg Times Special Report on the Church of Scientology

Scientology: The Truth Rundown Part 1

I think this article bears reading; the public needs to take a second look at Scientology. The writing in the piece is phenomenal and the attention to detail, the breadth and depth of the article are superior. This is journalism as it should be, finding and exposing what needs to be exposed. I have just read the second part which you can find here: http://tampabay.com/specials/2009/reports/project/

.. and I eagerly await Part 3

How Do You Feel


Portrait of AJ


To me, in these portraits, AJ is feeling very pensive. I don't know what he was thinking about but it seems serious and deep; I think it's expressed in his eyes. They were taken about 2 months apart, I used window light both times.

Sandyhook Secrets

 AJ and I on the boardwalk. We originally went to Sandyhook, NJ to look for birds to photograph. There are supposed to be wonderful birds there. While I did see an osprey in the distance, and AJ found some red-winged blackbirds, the birds became secondary to other activites! And....
To our surprise we ended up photographing baby raccoons. We were driving around the hook and near a gutter on the road were these three babies (baby raccoons are called kits) in the beautiful late afternoon sunlight. I've never been this close to a raccoon before. They were tiny and they made a cool purring sound. So at the end of the day, I returned from Sandyhook with raccoon pictures and boardwalk pictures, and no birds!

Fern photo

The sun was kissing these beautiful ferns in the Poconos.


my edit from ChanMi's collection

These are my two favorite photos from the shoot I did for senior fashion design major ChanMi  Park

ChanMi Park's collection

This collection is by ChanMi Park, this is ChanMi's senior collection. She just graduated from Syracuse University. I like the grey on grey from dress to background. I think it has a light airy feeling which adds to the beauty of the dresses themselves. Shooting six dresses in at one shoot is tiring! 

Alambria Springs Farm

Alambria Springs Farm from Mahala Gaylord on Vimeo.

Alambria Springs Farm, a CSA farm in Lebanon New York (upstate NY), owned by Amy Yahna and Brian Musician. I found these guys through a job I had while interning at the Syracuse Post-Standard. I was sent to the farm to take a portrait of Amy and Brian and some shots of their house for a story in the paper. I liked them so much and what they were doing that I called them back about a week later and asked if I could do a video about them and their farm. They are wonderful people and I felt at home every time I visited to do video or photos.

Lorna Rose

Lorna Rose from Mahala Gaylord on Vimeo.

Lorna Rose's grandparents died two years ago leaving her on her own and having to support herself. She has successfully joined Syracuse University, works three jobs to keep herself in school, and still finds time to compete in beauty pageants.


Pequannock high school beats Caldwell 5-1 at the state semi final in New Jersey. I shot these for the Star-Ledger. It was my first time shooting softball. It's hard to catch the action!


Tomahawk Regatta

I photographed the Tomahawk Regatta on Lake Hopatcong for the Star-Ledger last week. I am interning with the Ledger for the summer and this was one of my first assignments.