Portraits of Julie

For these i simply used window light. I was originally going to try and emulate Erwin Blumenfelds nudes using sheer fabric between the camera and the body. That plan changed as the model did not feel comfortable posing nude. I think some beautiful photos came out of the shoot. There is an almost sickly fragile feeling to the girl in the photographs

portraits of Sara

Sometimes playing is just the best way to capture the emotions and inensity you want in a portrait. Sara is one of those people who loves to play so to take a portrait of her that captures that in her character we had to play of course.

Here we played in the snow with a big yellow street light.

Here we were exploring a divinity school in Rochester. It was pretty quiet and abandoned on a Monday morning but we were not sure we were supposed to just walk in so thats exactly what we did. It was a beautiful place

Rochester Lilac Festival

Sara loving the red oak

Lilac branch in the sky

glorious foliage


and tulips

everything was beautiful on this day. The sun was shining and the colors were beyond beautiful. walking around the Rochester Lilac Festival was amazing. We explored the lilacs themselves and then went into the divinity school above the festival as well as the conservatory (thats where we found the fish pond!)


Howard Schatz

copyright Howard Schatz

So Howard Schatz does lots of crazy things with the human body in his photographs. I really like the beauty he sees in the human body and the shapes, he goes all the way. His naked bodies of men and women holding each other in different shapes are beautiful. He inspires me to see and look at the body in new ways.

A couple years ago Schatz did a project called Rare Creatures and basically he took snap shots of models who came on 'go sees' and photoshopped them into looking rare and unique. Here is an attempt I made at this technique: