St. Petersburg Times Special Report on the Church of Scientology

Scientology: The Truth Rundown Part 1

I think this article bears reading; the public needs to take a second look at Scientology. The writing in the piece is phenomenal and the attention to detail, the breadth and depth of the article are superior. This is journalism as it should be, finding and exposing what needs to be exposed. I have just read the second part which you can find here: http://tampabay.com/specials/2009/reports/project/

.. and I eagerly await Part 3


  1. if you think "this is journalism as it should be", then you don't know what journalism is. It's designed as a total smear-piece from top to bottom, doing nothing but seeking out as many crooked anti-Scientology haters as they could find, and then quoting them and their unproven (and unprovable) outrageous claims. It has nothing to do with journalism and everything to do with "going after" Scientology using any hearsay or gossip they can find.