Falling Stars

I set out early this morning to capture meteors and oh did I have high aspirations. I wanted streaks sweeping across my camera's lens. It was not to be. I failed to snag a single falling star in my frame. I did get to lie on the beach and stare up into the sky for a couple hours though and it was a lovely thing. Sometimes just sitting back and letting the world BE can relax and revive me unlike anything else. I returned home around 5 am and proceeded to edit photos from a previous shoot, instead of going to sleep like a sane human being. Now it is 7:30, the sky is blue outside my window, and I get to photograph my nuns tomorrow. What could be better?

1 comment:

  1. Hala....I came in here to see what you caught on your camera! Sorry it didn't work out. It does sound like you really enjoyed lying on the beach looking up at the stars and the sky though, so that time was not wasted! I love looking at your photos, you have an awesome talent! Take care! Love you! Aunt Cheri xo