Me and Bo Bice... WHAT!

Here I am with Bo Bice, a man I didn't even know existed until several hours before I found out that there are thousands of 12 year old girls on Long Island, along with their crazy grandmothers, who LOVE this man.. being almost an American Idol and all.  Anyhoo. I got to interview him and record his show at the Tangers Outlet in Deer Park for Newsday. Check it out below


  1. Beautiful photo of Bo Bice! Great job!! Keep up the nice work!

    He is nice-looking, isn't he?!?! :)

  2. Mahala, thank you for your very well done interview with Bo Bice. I love his voice and yes, he is very nice looking!!!

  3. Great picture and interview! Thanks so much. I was at the show and remember seeing you. Bo was awesome, his voice is amazing. What a fun event it was.