Jessica Buttner will donate her bone marrow to her twin sister, 6-year-old Leukemia patient, Julianna. Videojournalist: Mahala Gaylord for Newsday.

I have continued to cover the journey of Julianna Buttner as she battles Leukemia. It is very touching to be able to continue working with this family. They have been so welcoming to allow me again to intrude on their lives. The two girls love to play with my cameras. Julianna always wants to put on the headphones while i'm interviewing the rest of her family so she can listen to them talk and watch them on the back of the video camera. And Jessica continually wants to grab my d700 to take pictures. (you can imagine how tense that makes her parents as they imagine the thousands of dollars they would have to replace if she were to drop it!)  She won't though, and she is being so brave to become her sisters bone marrow donor.

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  1. This is such a touching story Mahala. You have done such a lovely job of telling it with such empathy. It's hard to watch it without tears...