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Shutup Magazine shoot1
Shutup Magazine shoot2

I had the opportunity to do a shoot for Shut Up! Magazine over the summer. Here are the final selects the magazine used. I mostly do photography along the lines of journalism so it's always fun to mix it up and do some fashion or editorial shooting. I can get pretty nervous when it's just me, a beautiful girl and my camera. and it's completely up to me to create the action, the atmosphere, and the moment.
One person who has helped me an infinite number of times to overcome that fear and make the picture, is my friend and fellow photographer AJ. I used to be so confused by our photography relationship, because he would assist me time after time on my shoots. I always used to feel that he got nothing out of it while I was gaining everything by having him there. He always made sure the lighting I imagined came to fruition. He would make sure all the cameras were working, and even lend me his camera when I did dumb things like not bring a back up. He would let me bounce ideas off of him and tell me I was doing great when I started to doubt myself. I would inevitabley come out with a sweet photograph, and always wonder but what did he get? So really this post is about saying thank you. Thank you to AJ for always lending a hand and making me look like a smooth operator. I hope you got as much out of working with me as I have from you! Just look at these pictures! damn! AJ is as much the creator of these photos as I. And, for that matter, there was a hair stylist, makeup artist, clothing designer, model, and art director, who put in just as much effort as anyone to create these.

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