MaryJo Tapia and Roger Heckler travel 45 minutes by bus to buy groceries once a month because there are no more affordable options nearby. Video by Mahala Gaylord for the Denver Post.

This is the third video installment for the Food Desert series I'm working on at the Post. I decided to use stop-motion photography with this video because I was basically working with a video that was about a process. The process being a grocery shopping trip... a very long one. I think the feeling a viewer gets from the stop-motion in this video better conveys the length of time and the distance this family travels to get their groceries. 

Here's a link to the story by Karen Auge at the denverpost.com  Judy DeHaas is doing the photography for this series. She's got some great ones of the family shopping (a different family than the one in my video) if you scroll to the bottom of the page! Also Judy's photographs of old abandoned buildings that were once groceries stores in food desert neighborhoods are beautiful check them out here: grocery graveyards.
I believe she shot them with a Holga.

The next installment I am working on is about Re:vision, an organization that is helping low incoming families in 'food desert' designated neighborhoods to start their own gardens. The program helps the family set up their garden and helps them throughout the summer to keep the garden healthy and teach the families about sustainable living. These gardens are helping families eat healthier food that they otherwise might not be able to afford.

Links to the three published food desert videos at the denverpost.com: 1st video2nd video3rd video

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