Exhaustion-induced hallucinations and video export nightmares

I was going to post some of the recent videos I've produced for the Denver Post but I've been flummoxed by Blogger's inability to let me resize my videos. Idiot technology.

My boss Tim put me and my co-worker AAron (I swear, it's really spelled with two capitol A's) on stock show duty for the entirety of the National Western Stock Show. Being from the East, I've been harangued by everybody from the lady at the info booth to the guy who steams cowboy hats. I don't have the right jeans (wranglers) I don't have the right shoes (cowboy boots) I don't have the right flannel shirt and schmancy belt buckle, and I tend to ask questions that three-year-olds know the answer to (what's the difference between a bull and a bronco). Meanwhile, AAron, who's from Wyoming, is fitting right in. I think they can smell the West on him. Little do they know, he's never actually ridden a horse, Jeeze.

We've been tasked with producing a story a day from the show. This is a cool assignment because we get to find interesting people and create our own schedules for two weeks, but it also means that we have to be at the Stock Show when the stories are happening. Getting done at 5 or 6 pm is a sweet dream far off on the horizon. And when I say horizon I mean, as I watch the sunrise while I fall asleep for the night after producing a video at the 24-hour Starbucks, jacked on coffee, kind of horizon.

Despite my chagrin at not fitting in and and an onslaught of exhaustion-induced hallucinations of my bed sprouting wings and flying across Denver to the Stock Show to save me from myself and my weird need to stay till the end, it's great. I've been hanging out with rodeo clowns, tall cowboys sporting pants that I believe are referred to as 'nuthuggers' (Tim swears that cowboys wear pantyhose and it's acceptable, I'm skeptical) an eight-year-old fiddle-playin' wizard, split-lipped alpacas and a whole bunch of happy people eating turkey legs. I'm enamored, and I may be sporting some cowboy boots by the end of the show because seriously, these sneaks are not cutting it.

      (photos by AAron Ontiveroz)

Check out AAron's and my multimedia presentation for the Denver Post here: NWSS 2011

Stock Show day 3: trying my best to look Mexican at the Mexican rodeo. Note the vest and Raiders cap.

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