coffee, a sore throat and an imagined confrontation

Compelling videos have to start strong in one way or another. I imagine compelling blog posts are the same. This is not one of those.

I'm too tired to write coherently, or to have a purpose to my writing. It's 3:30am and I'm still awake. I covered Denver Big Air this evening  and I've been sick for a week or two--on and off.

After finishing, I walked over to a McDonald's to get a coffee to make the editing go faster and to sooth my throat. I try to pee before ordering only to be headed off at the door by a fat supervisor who was very much in charge of the situation. "You can't pee unless you buy food first," he practically yells at me. I'm pissed. I'm tired. I'm full of urine. All I wanted was a bathroom and a coffee in that order, not the other way around. "I have a job," I say. "I work across the street, let me pee." All I get is the same response from the supervisor and a fat body between me and the bathroom door. He's really having none of it.

In my head I run past the supervisor and offhandedly mutter, "you can suck my fat cock," I go pee, and THEN buy a coffee. But, in reality I just say, "I heard you the first time," in a louder voice than the situation warranted and wait dejectedly in line for my coffee.

What a let down.

On an unrelated note, check out my Big Air Video.  Also, here are the Rockies as seen from above (obviously).

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  1. you should have peed on the floor after you bought a coffee. that is clearly how a person with a job handles this sort of situation. duh.