Working Late

There are some videos I create and never want to watch again, and there are others that I don't mind watching over and over. I have to say, I've watched this one a few times. Sometimes it can be very hard to watch my own work because all I see are the parts where I failed or where I should have made changes. But sometimes, even when a video is not perfect-and they never are, I am able to look past the imperfections. When I watch this video I can feel all the positive energy coming through from the people I interviewed and from the dancers and it imbues me with a sense of well-being. This video is by no means the best i've made, or hard news, but for a feature I think it's one of my better ones.
Hosted by the nonprofit organization cmDance, Rocky Mountain Balboa Blowout offered lessons and a host of competitions in the Balboa swing style for the several hundred people who gathered from around Colorado and across the nation to share their passion for the dance. Balboa is a form of swing dance that was developed in the 1930’s on Balboa Island off the coast of California. During that era, the dance floors were very full forcing people to change their style to a closer, small-stepped dance.

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