CETH "the light that shines through my life."

Several months ago, Sung Park, my former photo professor, asked me to skype into his multimedia class to talk with his students about my job, how I got here and what I do on a daily basis. It was pretty daunting and it set me to thinking about how I would answer those questions for myself.

One thing the students asked about is how do I come up with story ideas. What a huge question, it's one that photojournalists struggle with that all the time. I'm lucky enough to work at a paper where stories are given to me. But when other people give you story ideas they sometimes are really not visual, or they are boring, or they don't interest you. My best work often happens when it's based on a subject of interest to me.

One non-video-related thing I know I want to be doing right now is learning how to dance. I feel really good when I'm out there on the dance floor and at least part of the time I feel like I'm floating around in the correct fashion. Is there a correct fashion? Well, then the fashion that suits me.

In any event, I decided to make a video about dancing, not for the Denver Post, just for myself. Here it is.

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