NEWSDAY: cranking out the daily video

I was hired at Newsday as a 2-year intern in multimedia about a month ago. I'm doing a lot of daily video's right now. It has definitely been a learning experience so far. I've produced news videos before, but not to this scale of everyday having to have a finished product. I have learned to be faster and more efficient, and I'm sure I will continue to fine tune my editing. Here are a few videos I've done so far.

These three video's are from the Hampton's International Film Festival. I went for three of the five days to cover the event and produced a video at the end of each night. I got to meet and interview a couple different celebrities including Steve Buscemi, Alec Baldwin, Cheryl Hines, and Josh Lucas. This was my first visit to the Hamptons. It was a long drive out there!

I've had to cover several protests, below are daily videos I made for Newsday featuring two groups of people protesting very different actions.

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