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Newsday recently published a series on Alzheimer's on Long Island, both articles and multimedia. One of the videos was featured in yesterday's Lens post of 'must see: videos worth watching' which you can read here.
Below is the piece the Lens blog highlighted writing: "In this episode — one of the more touching in Newsday’s series, “Alzheimer’s on Long Island” — Ms. Richmond takes us on the journey from Mr. Richmond’s marriage proposal to their meetings in his assisted-living center. Her words are intimate and moving, emotionally underscoring such telling shots as fingers scratching a hat and a half-completed coloring book figure. Though the transitional music at the end is somewhat intrusive, this is still a quiet and powerful testament to a wife’s love for her husband."

"For nearly two years, reporter Denise M. Bonilla and photographer J. Conrad Williams Jr. followed six families in order to chronicle the agony of Alzheimer’s disease and to provide an inside look at the role of the caregiver." Newsday writes about the project. But what started with 2 ended with more than 30 people having contributed to the project.
You can see the other video pieces and articles on Newsday's site here. The story has been carried across multiple platforms, the layout of the stories and photographs in the paper was well done and moving, videos were created about each family. And each one was edited to different lengths, I think 5 minute pieces for the website, but also 2 minute pieces which the local tv station- Channel 12- is running, I happened to turn the tv on the other day to one of the stories and it was really cool to see work done by newspaper visual journalists broadcast on television.
I joined Newsday far after this project was underway and I only saw the tail end of people putting finishing touches together. But I am happy that the paper is working on projects of this scope and putting such emphasis on the multimedia mode of telling the story.

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